Land in city Velingrad

Лот №:
7300,0 м2
899000 €
Объект продан:
  • ул. „Гоце Делчев“ 55, 4600 кв. Лъджене, Велинград, Болгария
  • до моря: далее 50 км.
  • до центра города: 1-2 км.

For sale in parts a plot of land with a total area of ​​73 hundred parts in the balneoclimatic resort of the city of Velingrad (Bulgaria).

The main wealth of the resort of Velingrad, along with the clean mountain air, is 56 thermal mineral springs.

Mineral waters are slightly mineralized, hydrocarbonate-sulfate and contain sodium, potassium, calcium, silicon, fluorine and other microelements, suitable for the prevention and treatment of almost all types of diseases.

The plots are intended for the construction of a SPA-Hotel or villa for year-round recreation and hydrotherapy, located in a very convenient place of the city, on the southern slope of the mountain, on the plots there is a pine forest. The plots are paved with asphalt road, there are all city communications, there is a possibility of supplying thermal mineral water. Areas overgrown with young pine forest, former forest fund. on both sides is adjacent to the forest, with one villa (pictured). It is best to use for the construction of a hotel or villa, the permitted building area is 60% of the total area of the plots, up 5 floors from the ground, down 1-2 floors for the premises and parking. Around the hotel area, in the photo the hotel Infiniti is 300 meters away. From Infiniti there is a parking, further a pitchfork, and then our sites. According to Velingrad - an analogue of the Czech Karlovy Vary, only less known, due to the natural and climatic conditions and mineral water Velingrad is better than Karlovy Vary. In 2008, at the IHRA (International Hotel and Restaurant Association) in Mexico, the resort of Velingrad was awarded the title "Balkan Spa Capital". Velingrad has become one of the most famous European resorts such as Karlovy Vary, Aqua Termi, Baden Baden, Wartsberg, Piestany, Bani di Luka Terme, Akue Cincinnato and is included in the project "Thermal Europe", funded by the European Commission.

Coordinates: 42.031600, 23.979478

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